Social Media and Online Customer Trends [Infographic]

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June 19, 2012 

Social Media and E-commerce

Social media use and e-commerce have strong business connections.  Where are the trends heading?  Are online sales trends through social media on an exponential growth track or on a realistic, small growth trend similar to non social media linked sales?

Here is an interesting infographic from Gloople, and the highlights:

  • Only 9% of commerce currently generated online
  • 60% of consumers shop online quarterly
  • By 2015, 50% of companies will generate online sales through social media or mobile apps
  • Estimated: 192 Million consumers will shop online by 2016
  • Big Jump: Ave. annual online spending by consumers in 2016 over $2,000
  • Big Online Sales globally – estimated to exceed $400 Billion annually by 2016

Social Media Consumer Trends:

  • 20% online purchases within a social media site
  • 40% of Twitter Users search for products & services via Twitter
  • 12% of consumers made purchases due to info found on Twitter
  • 75% more likely to purchase if a friend endorses through social media
  • 34% more likely to share purchase info on social media site than on an           e-commerce site
  • 77% of online shoppers use reviews
  • 81% receive online advice on products & services

Social Media Commerce Facts and Statistics

  • 700 Billion minutes / month spent on Facebook
  • 6.5% click through rate on Facebook walls
  • Don’t forget Google+ …now at 170 M users
  • Pinterest now accounting for 3.6% of referral traffic
  • Pinterest click through rate 3 times more than Google+
  • 65% of global top 100 companies have a Twitter account

social media - online customer trends

Here are some additional Social Media articles, blogs and infographics:


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