Social Media Use, From the Employer Perspective [infographic]

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June 17, 2012 

Social Media Use

Social media is everywhere and too hard to avoid and easy to connect, whether at home, on the road using mobile devices, or at work (shhh – using work computer during work hours).  However, employers have long observed the “use at work” trend, and while some encourage use of technology at work, some have implemented acceptable computer and internet use policies limiting or eliminating using social media sites.  Does your company have a policy?

Here is an interesting infographic from Pay Scale highlighting the employer perspective on social media use at work.

  • 55% of Employers have a formal Policy on Social Media Use
  • 42% Employers say “NO” to social media use at work
  • 59% of media companies encourage employees to use social media at work
  • 71% of energy companies forbid using social media at work
  • 65% of companies use social media for human resource recruiting

Social media - Use at work

Source:  Pay Scale

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