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June 7, 2012 

goal settingGoal Setting

In our everyday business and personal lives we need definition.  We need to define what our purpose is, what we will be doing short-term and long-term.  We all live in extremely complex environments, and we need to organized in what we do.

Establishing goals and objectives in our lives provides that direction and definition that drives us forward in achievement.

Many run scattered, unorganized day after day, feeling as they have not accomplished much.  An analysis of their daily lives reveals this lack of organization and establishing and setting priorities.  It all starts with establishing SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely) goals and objectives to get you on the right track and right direction.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s personal, family or business goals, all follow a similar pattern in identifying goals, finding a method to achieve them and to measure progress.

goal settingHere are some of the benefits of Goal Setting:

  • Sets a direction and pathway for you
  • Can be used to help you get organized
  • Helps improve your performance
  • Makes you and your team more effective and efficient
  • Gets you on the right track within your own defining purpose
  • Establishes a starting point and an end point
  • Defines your daily, weekly and annual work plan

Goal Setting Exercises

There are many tools and resources to help you establish your goals and objectives.  Goal setting exercises are one tool to identify and track your progress against your milestone steps and overall goals.  An example of goal setting exercise :  http://tanorthburg.hubpages.com

Mentoring in Goal Setting

Mentoring with professionals, colleagues, friends and family can help you set you goals and objectives in a more objective manner.  Those external sources can provide some valuable feedback on their views of whether the goals are SMART.

Goal Setting Tips

  1. Set relevant, realistic goals
  2. Make sure the goals can be achieved in part or whole; too ambitious of a goal project and you will soon find yourself unmotivated to complete the overall goal
  3. Set up the goals to be measurable so that you can track your progress against milestone and overall goals
  4. Attach a time frame so that the goal can be accomplished by a certain time; don’t leave the goal open ended as it may never get completed
  5. Review you goals and objectives frequently
  6. Have outside parties, mentors, family and friends review you goals and seek honest feedback
  7. Be prepared to revise a goal if circumstances arise or the environment changes
  8. Set new goals once current goals and objectives have been reached

Goal Setting Examples

1.  Personal Weight Loss

In one year I aim to lose 15 lbs by May 31, 2013,  with milestones of 4 lbs off by July 31,  9 lb off by Oct 31, 12 lbs off by Jan 31 and finally 15 lbs off by May 31.  

In this example you will note that the goal is realistic (assumption that there is a track record and advice this can be achieved), measurable with weight loss goals, time factored in for milestone and final goals.

2.  Business Revenue Targets

Our business aims to increase revenue by 12% this fiscal year to a total revenue figure of $560,000 by March 31, 2013.  Through a combination of aggressive local and global marketing, the company sets goals of revenue increases of 12% by quarter.  Any deviations of less than the target will require revisions of the marketing and revenue growth strategies. 

In this business example, revenue growth as been identified and is achievable (based on track record of performance, and growth in the industry).  The goal statement established quarterly tracking and established a statement of contingencies to get back on track.

As noted, goal setting can be used as those essential tools to get organized and set directions.  Ensure you incorporate goals and objectives in your business with strong detailed business planning.

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