Mobile User Business Challenges [infographic]

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June 14, 2012 

Mobile User – Business Challenges

Growing trends in the use of mobile devices for business has exposed many challenges faced by mobile users.  With revealing these issues, businesses (both on the development and supplier fronts) need to ensure mobile users can effectively and efficiently use their mobile devices to get the work done.   Businesses also need to ensure their own employees are geared up appropriately if the environment is flexible to allow and encourage work on the road and / or at home through mobile devices.

Here is an interesting infographic from  highlighting survey data on what challenges mobile users face.  Businesses should take note and adjust accordingly.

  • 84% of Mobile Users cannot work effectively on the road (platform? programs?)
  • Top places Mobile Users work: Restaurants, air travel, bed (56, 55, & 45% respectively)
  • 50% cite problems receiving timely responses and info from colleagues
  • 48% state issues with trying to connect or can’t connect to work web-based or conference calls
  • 54% express concern with lower personal productivity
  • 46% answered that mobile work caused project delays or missed deadlines
  • 43% experience missing document sections when viewing on a mobile device

mobile user - challenges

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