Efficiency – Working More with Less in Current Business Environments

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July 24, 2012

Efficiency to Survive in the Current Economic Environment

Tough economic times require tough business decisions.  In cases of self-employment, when times are difficult, the onus rests on the business owner to implement contingencies.  When reductions occur in smaller businesses, everyone, including the owner, get busier.  In extreme cases to survive, businesses may reduce operations down to the owner handling all tasks, from management to operations to administration… just to survive.

In order to find efficient methods in operations, businesses insert in tech tools.  However, being connected by mobile devices adds a new dynamic to vacationing business owners, as it has now become part of the norm on vacation.  Business owners are glancing at their emails while sitting on a beach, partaking in a tourism outing, or trying to spend leisure time with family.

In this infographic from Manta, some key trends are emerging in small business and mobile device use, from an external Manta Wellness survey that was conducted in June 2012.

  • 58% of business owners say they are working more than the previous year
  • 70% of those surveyed do not plan to hire any additional staff this summer
  • 71% of business owners express working and responding to emails while on vacation
  • 60% of entrepreneurs state they enjoy vacations more due to their mobile devices (huh?)
  • 68% of respondents say they use mobile devices while using their computers
  • 54% state that they use mobile devices at work to check email (business or personal) and,
  • 24% of business owners use their mobile devices every day


efficiency - working more with less

Source: Manta

Business issues – A few points were clear from this survey:

  • Businesses are still facing challenges in this economy – Ensure you plan well in advance.  Business planning should be conducted frequently to help in mitigating around the surprises this economic environment may bring.
  • Business are making adjustments and finding efficiencies – develop operational and human resource plans focused on finding effective, efficient methods with reduced labor and resources.
  • Work-life balance issues at the business owner level doesn’t appear well – we all know these are tough economic times, but strong work-life balance at all levels will keep employers and employees happy and healthy.  Ensure work-life balance exists for healthy minds, bodies and relationships.
  • Effective tools are needed to handle complex volumes of work – Ensure you invest in capabilities to make work easily for you as the business owner and employees.  If mobile devices work well in operations, make it readily available to staff.  Devices like these could be the productivity improvement to handle more work more efficiently.

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2 thoughts on “Efficiency – Working More with Less in Current Business Environments

  1. What a challenge it is… Since we run a medical practice and the physician is my husband we are self-employed. Times are tougher, we are working harder and yes not replacing recent employee that just moved. We work hard at creating an awesome environment for ourselves, our staff and Patients. It is what keeps all of us going, we love what we do and we make sure we have a good time while doing it. We all take vacations and help each other out so we can really enjoy while we are away. It takes a commitment by all involved, it is all about who you have on your bus and how you are driving it. (author Jim Collins)

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