Social Media Jobs – What Social Media Companies Are Looking For

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July 14, 2012

Social Media Jobs

Interested in a career in social media?  Do you want an idea of positions, roles and employment criteria?  You may have passion and desire to be an entrepreneur in social media or work within a leading social media company, but it is a fiercely competitive media – tech field.  How would you position yourself to stand out from other candidates and be that social media star companies are looking for?

MindFlash has produced an infographic on social media industry employment, highlighting the social media positions typically available and favorable employment qualifications.  The value added side of the infographic also provides some tips to landing your much desired social media job.  These tips are valuable across the board for many professions in various industries, and applicable to potential entrepreneurs in gaining capacities in operation and management experience related to social media related ventures. Here are some of the stand-out qualifications that will put you out front:

Social Media Exposure and Presence

Get noticed by being everywhere on social media, highlighting your capabilities.  It is important to brand yourself out there, just as important as companies branding themselves.  Several social media personalities are well-known throughout the platforms.

Social Media Proficiency

As you brand yourself as the specialist in social media, it is best that you know social media platforms inside and out.  Knowing all the features, apps, mechanics of all the major sites is a must.

High Creativity in Social Media

Employers and partners want to acquire creativity as an asset to the organization.  If you have that creative, innovative edge, you may have the competitive advantage over others.

Keeping it Professional

Employers strongly live by their codes of conduct and values and ethics guides.  Social media is all about external visibility.  You will need to make sure you uphold strong values and ethics and that your conduct in and outside the company is appropriate.

Social Media Industry Knowledge

Employers want to acquire professionals who know what is going on in the industry.  To win in a job competition, and in entrepreneurial ventures, you will need to have a pulse on industry players, trends, and resources.  Knowing companies inside and out will score you well in the essential criteria of the position.

Partnership Building Across the Social Media and Tech Industry

It is an asset if you are well-known in the industry for collaboration on projects across companies and having the ability to structure beneficial partnerships and joint ventures.  Companies can be specialists in one area, but may require the assets, knowledge, or proprietary processes, products and services of a synergistic partner.  Once again, bonus points will be scored if you rank well here.

Volunteering and Try Outs

You have nothing to lose by offering yourself to companies to demonstrate your capable, value-added skill set.  It may set you apart from the competition if you can offer to work on a trial basis (sometimes for free or cut rate).  Generate some of your own conditions if you do come across the opportunities, as both parties must mutually agree to duration, scope of work, and end objectives.

social media - job tips

Source:  Mindflash

There are other qualities that didn’t get captured here, including dedication, judgement, strong project management skills, ability to work as a team player, and leadership competencies that would surely benefit you in obtaining the “best fit” for the any social media position.

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