US Economy – Business Trends and Statistics During the Obama Era

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July 8, 2012

US Economy

The global economy along with the US, experienced difficult economic and financial circumstances over the past few years.  CNN Money has put together and shared some interesting graphs on the economic and financial indicators during the Obama era.  Take a look at some of the results and trends over the past 3.5 years from January 2009 to June 2012.

US Economy – Job Growth

Although slow to dig out of negative job growth, the past 21 consecutive months have shown positive job growth.

Economic indicators - job growth

Unemployment Indicator – US economy

In January 2009, unemployment was sitting at 7.8%.  After a rough 2 year period of increased unemployment, the rate dropped to the current rate of 8.2%, which is now roughly half a percentage point off of the January 2009 figure.

US economy - Unemployment

US Economy – Economic Growth Indicator

Following a similar pattern to job growth, the economic growth GDP indicator illustrated 11 consecutive quarters in positive territory.  Last quarterly report indicated a 1.9% GDP growth rate.

US economy - economic growth GDP

US Economy – Inflation

With the initial period of harsh economics, inflation dipped into negative territory with the falling price of everything from goods, services and house values.  As the economy was slow to turn around, annual inflation started increasing, and during mid 2011, inflation was hitting an annualized rate of roughly 3.5%.  Inflation has now decreased to an annualized rate of under 2%, which can still hinder economic growth.

US economy - inflation

US Economy – Interest Rates

During the initial period of the Obama administration, interest rates climbed to almost 4%, but the respective 2 year period following, rates began to steadily decrease.  Interest rates are now sitting at lower than low rates, but how long can this be maintained.

US Economy - interest rates

To see more economic indicators during the Obama era, check out CNN Money’s article.

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