Fathers – Great Dads, Great Mentors

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June 17, 2012 

FatherFathers, Our Valuable Mentors

As Father’s Day is upon us, the great things our Fathers have done for us come to mind.


Not only do Fathers provided the ongoing, loving support in raising the next generation to be productive member of families and societies, but Fathers have also provided their daughters and sons with the necessary business building blocks.

Here are some examples of the business skills and traits Dads passed on to their kids:

Learning Diverse Operational Skills

Through much experience and learned skills, many Fathers emerged as jack of all trades and in turn, transferred skills and training to the next generations in areas their kids may never have taken in classroom training.  Throwing tools into the hand of a more educated, more schooled generation, leading and demonstrating on particular trades task in the house may have been par for the course.  Fathers would take the time to show us how things worked and some of the very essential life skills we all needed.  Many of us had these relationships where our Fathers promoted a continuous learning environment, whether it was related to school, work or in life skills.

Hard Work Ethic

Fathers demonstrated an unbelievable hard work ethic in the good times and the bad, and never seemed to give up or never let up.  Many of us were so motivated to continue the trend of working hard throughout our generation, supporting our families at all costs.  In most cases, we all wanted to be “just like Dad”.

Working Effectively and Efficiently

Although extreme efforts were experience by Fathers to achieve success, they knew how to effectively and efficiently work through tasks.  Through trial and error, more streamlined processes were developed and transferred on to the next generation.  It was advantageous to experience this continuous improvement, with tasks being completed in a  more timely, streamlined manner.  We all learned this process.


We may have all experienced our Fathers working until the job or task was complete.  Whether it was your Father’s career, working on the house, or another specific goal, Dads  never seemed to give up.  In parenting us, Fathers expressed how important it was that we all be dedicated, otherwise goals and objectives would fall apart with uncompleted projects everywhere you looked.


Fathers often expressed gut feelings and gut reactions, mostly gaining these feelings and reactions through a series of learned experiences.  This intuitive nature of our Dads was observed by the next generation, and applied to our very own experiences.  With intuitiveness we were able to predict and be pro-active to certain business scenarios.  Fathers taught us to jump on things in advance knowing how some things could play out.

The examples of traits and characteristics could go on and on, with almost every aspect of  entrepreneurship originating in part from things we learned from our Fathers.

This Fathers Day, love and thanks go out to Dads for being loving Fathers, for being great leaders and transferring the necessary business skills that helped us all to be successful.


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2 thoughts on “Fathers – Great Dads, Great Mentors

  1. Great Fathers Day post SPO! As parents we have such an awesome responsibility to exhibit and live the life that we want to demonstrate for our children….it is that saying “walk the talk” because they are listening and watching us very closely.

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