Positive Words – Business Communications in a Positive Way

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June 11, 2012 

positive wordsPositive Words in your Communications

The use of terms and tone in the business can change the conversation.  Using negative tone and terminology will get you nowhere and most likely, you receive negativity back.



Changing the conversation to use positive, constructive words will keep parties engaged in conversation, and the creative feedback will continue to roll out.

From reviewing a cross-section of personal development and positive thinking views, here are some positive terms forming the following Positive Words Cloud.

champion intelligent brilliant creative motivator

passionate encourage empower balance dedicated

organized responsible accountable calm controlled empathetic

sympathetic worthwhile valued valuable synergy synergistic energetic

caring unbiased informed inclusive team diverse abstract colorful

dynamic persuasive determined ambitious professional clear concise

meaningful upbeat willing able share passion constructive

 forward-thinking kind lead volunteer carry mobilize

developing building leader strategist


Coincidentally, some of these terms match up with traits and characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.  Can you think of terms to add?

Pull down a word out of this cloud and insert into your discussions with staff, colleagues, partners, investors, and clients.  Think more on the positive, constructive side when discussions are going off track.  For instance, you may want to respond to a team member that provided an off-base suggestion with, “thanks for your creative suggestions that may inform our decisions moving forward” or “thank you for your valued input”.

Remember to use respectful dialogue, use manners, and just be all-around nice in communications.  There are strategies to handle communications, whether those communications are constructive or just difficult.

The recommendation to use positive, constructive words would build into the notion of supporting and encouraging open communication in your organization, and that all feedback is encouraged.  If open, the ideas, suggestions and recommendations will continue to be cranked out by all, and some of those off-base suggestions may soon turn into dynamic game-changer recommendations.

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4 thoughts on “Positive Words – Business Communications in a Positive Way

  1. This is my kind of post, I don’t think we cannot be positive in our communication with others even when we have to discuss negative things. If you take the time to think about it you can come up with a positive way to say everything. Thanks for posting this!

    • Thanks for your constructive, valuable, brilliant, strategic, forward-thinking feedback that helped me inform my comments back to you… how is that for positive words… LOL Thanks so much Tina for your continued interest and comments on my blog. Much appreciated. Ty Col, SPO

      • Why you did a great job and I feel so motivated and good about the comment I left. I really enjoy all of your articles and input. You really put great information out there. Keep up the good work!

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