London Olympics – Statistics and Business Opportunities [infographic]

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June 2, 2012 

London Olympics – Statistics Show Business Opportunities

At a quick glance at this London Olympics infographic from, you can see the plentiful business opportunities for the period of the games itself and the lead up to hosting the games.  If you have the ability to supply major events, these opportunities may give your business massive global exposure.

Just some of the business opportunities you can see in this infographic:

  • Food services and catering (whopping 14 Million meals to be served)
  • Audio visual, technical services, broadcast center services
  • Information management
  • Infrastructure development, construction, landscaping, field maintenance
  • Maintenance, cleaning crews, security services
  • Sporting goods suppliers, sporting event officials
  • Tourism and accommodation booking companies
  • Even biological services (relocation of species)

If you are interested in last minute supplier or procurement opportunities, check out the business opportunities on the official page at London Games.

London Olympics - business opportunities

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Other Olympic business links:

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