Contract Proposal Can Lead to More Clients, More Revenue [infographic]

Strategy Plan One

May 26, 2012 

Contract Proposal

For many businesses in the services field and other industries, a fair amount of work needs to be completed prior to landing a contract providing services and/or products to clients.  This may include writing up an estimate or a contract proposal.

In this infographic from BidSketch, the benefits of providing a contract proposal rather than an estimate are highlighted.

Key points of this infographic on using a contract proposal:

  • 57:43 Win:lose ratio landing contracts, work and clients with a Contract Proposal
  • 35:65 Win:lose ratio when writing up an estimate
  • A contract proposal is persuasive (persuasive marketing), identified the issues, benefits of services and provides recommendations
  • Contract proposal include a call to action, which can lead more deal closing, more revenues

 Key tips from the infographic:

  • Go online – online contracts are accepted 60% faster
  • Keep them short – Contract proposal under 5 pages have a 51% success rate
  • Be speedy – sending a contract proposal sooner results in a higher success rate

contract proposal

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