Business News – 5 News Sites to Keep You Informed

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May 21, 2012 

Business News

Looking for great daily business news clips and resources?  Many business news sites exist on the Internet that it is sometime confusing where to turn for latest business news updates.  Here is a solid list of 5 business news websites (in no particular order) and their features you can zone in on for the latest business news.

business newsReuters Business News

Daily news is posted on Reuters, one of the world leaders in information for business and professionals.

Entrepreneurs and business owners may find it valuable to focus on the specific business, tech and money pages.  Articles highlighting entrepreneurs and business opportunities in growing industries fill the pages in the small business section.  “Management Tip of the Day” gives you some applicable management insights through inserts from Harvard Business Review.  For investors, the current stock ticker runs across the top of the page.  Social Media follow, like, post and RSS buttons are readily available.

business newsCNN Money

CNN Money, backed by the CNN Network, provides you with relevant pages and current topics on:

Along with top stories, pages are dedicated to the “Buzz” around companies and the markets, and clips on Fortune 500 companies.  The tech page is chalked full of articles and blogs, with much focus these days on social media companies like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter and zoning in on the mammoth tech companies like Apple, Google and Yahoo.

Contributors on CNN Money write on relevant leadership topics, with focused articles on the leaders of top Fortune 500 companies, and some of the newer entrepreneurs making a splash.  Staying connected is easy, with buttons on the home page, right side at the bottom.

business newsForbes Business News

Forbes‘ simple business site format gives you easy access to 7 main topics at the top of the main page.  Of possible interest to entrepreneurs includes the business, investing, tech, entrepreneurs, business opinion, and leadership pages.  On the entertainment side, Forbes is widely known for their plentiful offering of lists.

Forbes’ staff and contributors compose topics on financing, management and micro-business.   Small business profiles and interviews are provided on the right hand side of pages in their video viewer.  Recently, Forbes posted brilliant topics and information for entrepreneurs on a special Small Business Toolkit page.

business newsCNBC

According to the CNBC website, CNBC is the recognized world leader in business news, providing real-time financial market coverage and business information to more than 340 million homes worldwide, including more than 95 million households in the United States and Canada.

The real-time stock ticker on the left side of the home page and symbol look-up at the top are of great benefits to the investors who view their pages seeking updates.  As a global TV force, CNBC offers plentiful videos on business, economic, and technology topics.  There is a page dedicated to small business videos alone.

business newsBloomberg Business News

Between the tandem Bloomberg and Bloomberg Businessweek sites, current topics on business, technology, small biz, and investing are covered well.

In value-added coverage, Businessweek also provides information and topics on business schools, providing information on grad school programs, institute rankings, and financial aid.


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