Mentoring From our Mothers

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May 13, 2012

mentoring - from our MothersMentoring … From our Mothers

Many successful entrepreneurs can dig into their pasts and can identify key factors that had contributed to their successes.  Many will cite and give thanks to their Mothers as a key source in providing advice and helping to build those key competencies and characteristics of a successful entrepreneur.




Throughout the years growing up, your Mother may have provided and supported you with the foundation of necessary characteristics such as dedication, pushing you to never give up and keep working towards achieving a goal.

Hard work ethic carried forward into this generation of entrepreneurs as Mothers demonstrated all the massive efforts necessary to take care of the family needs and outside employment and self-employment to support the family.

Providing us with a solid base of values and ethics, Mothers taught us to respect others, to be fair and to strive for excellence.  Some of these core values are key in life and in business.

Mothers would push us to be problem solvers when we were in challenging circumstances, whether it be at play or at work.  Mothers supported us to be independent, but also to rely on others, as family and teams can work together towards a common goal.

Mothers would support us in our ambitious drives throughout our lives, encouraging us to meet our goals and objectives.  Much positive reinforcement from your Mother has been carried forward in your leadership skills, as you motivate the people around you in a constructive, positive manner.  Whether at home, in the communities or in careers, mentoring from our MothersMothers showed us great leadership skills that we all apply to our everyday lives.

A big thanks to Moms who had a significant role in our successes.

Happy Mother’s Day!




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