App Data – Few Top Earners in Competitive Mobile App Development [Infographic]

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May 7, 2012 

App Data

App development, sales and downloads for mobile devices are booming. The app data, from Marketing research firm M2 Research, has been predicted to blow past the $6 Billion mark in 2012 for mobile gaming apps alone.

This infographic from , breaks down the slim minority of app developers who are making a go in app development businesses, while the majority of app developers struggle.  A key fact in this infographic, those entrepreneurs who spend more on marketing to promote their apps, have better success.  Here are some highlights on mobile apps and app developers:

  • 12% earn $50,000 or more per year
  • 11% achieve 500,000 downloads or more
  • Top Earners spend an average of $30,000 on marketing
  • 80% of app developers don’t generate enough revenue for a stand alone business
  • 59% don’t make enough money to break-even on development costs
  • 68% have earned $5,000 or less on their best-selling app
  • 63% experienced 50,000 downloads or less for their top-selling app

App data

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