Working Women – Leading and Armed with Education [Infographic]

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May 2, 2012 

Working Women

In this brilliant infographic from , women are now creating a dynamic shift in making up an equitable share in the workforce and dominating entrepreneur development. According to the research, women now almost make up half of the workforce at 46.9% and leading the highest increase in business development at 1.5 times the national average for business start-ups.

All in the numbers, hers are some other fascinating facts from this infographic:

  • 187 Million women are entrepreneurs worldwide
  • 7.8 Million – number of businesses owned by women in 2007 (20% increase over 2002)
  • 22% – percentage of women on the Board of Directors of S&P 500 companies
  • 40.1, 27.3 and 24.5% – the percentage of companies with women Board members in Norway, Sweden and Finland respectively (US at 16.1%)
  • 18% of all Patents granted in 2010 were received by women (up 35%)
  •  33.3% of MBA recipients are women (highest ever)
  • Women now earn more bachelor’s degrees than men (68% more)

working women

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4 thoughts on “Working Women – Leading and Armed with Education [Infographic]

  1. I love the stats you have provided here. I am a patented inventor and entrepreneur trying to launch a business. The stats on women founded businesses is encouraging. Thank you for the GREAT information! I hope to add my name to the list of female biz owners this summer!! Keep up the great work!!

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