Green Strategies – Small Business Survey [Infographic]

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April 19, 2012 

Green Strategies

Eco-friendly, green strategies are good for the environment and are also good for business as it helps build solid positive relationships with customers who will make a connection with the green conscious business.  The green environmental sector is big business, with 2011 revenue estimates at nearly $330 Billion.

During February 2012 Office Depot surveyed over 1000 small businesses to gauge information on implementation of green strategies and use of green products across operations.  The small business results in this infographic were surprising, with:

  • 70% to implement green strategies in the next 2 years
  • 61% of small businesses currently implementing green practices
  • 82% having a recycling green strategy
  • 56% learning about green products online
Concerns by small business implementing green strategies and products:
  • 39% concerned with the cost 
  • 21% concerned about lack of green strategy and product options
  • 13% concerned about clarity around going green
  • 13% cite concerns on quality of green programs / products, and
  • 11% state lack of time as a concern

green strategies

Source:  BusinessWire


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One thought on “Green Strategies – Small Business Survey [Infographic]

  1. These concerns and questions are challenging for businesses that want to be green for all the right reasons, but are afraid to outlay too much money because we’re mired in a short-term economy (whether aiming for big profit or fearing bigger losses!). What kind of leadership is needed to implement this kind of innovative strategy? I believe it’s about thinking longterm. What else have you noticed in your consulting?

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