Color and Design – Factors Influencing Commerce [Infographic]

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April 14, 2012 

Color and Design

Many factors influence how, when, where and what we buy in the marketplace.  Marketing plays a key role in tapping into these cues, and utilizing them out front to build a more richer, more powerful message to the consumer.  Making the powerful message resonate with the consumer more will result in a deeper connection, relationship and eventually sales and revenue.

This infographic from KissMetrics digs deep and illustrates color and design, and other factors that influence our purchase decision-making process.

Color and Design Facts

Interesting facts to note from this infographic on color and design influences:

  • 93% of consumers place visual appearance as the primary factor in purchasing
  • 85% state color as the primary visual factor
  • Color influences brand recognition by 80% (confidence factor)
  • Online shopping – 42% based an opinion of a website on its overall design
  • Webpage load time factor / correlation:  longer load times result in decreased sales
  • Different colors have different effects/purposes: Blue – security/business, Red – Sales, Yellow – optimistic/youth

color and design

When developing your marketing plan and marketing activities, use the appropriate color and design for maximum impact and benefits.  You may have to complete some market testing with color and design in your products and services.


Strategy Plan One

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