Baseball and Social Media Facts and Stats [infographic]

Strategy Plan One

April 5, 2012 

Just like any other industry, social media is deeply integrated into professional sport marketing.  With billions of social media users, sport is frequently mentioned, liked and followed across Facebook and Twitter.  Social media is a marketing strategy must for messaging business product and services to a mass audience.

Produced by Banyan Branch, this infographic illustrates facts and statistics of Major League Baseball on social media sites.

Some interesting social media facts and stats (as of March 28, 2012) :

  • Yankees are the most popular team on social media (5.3 Million Likes; 550,000 Follows)
  • American League edges out National in Facebook discussions (53% and 47% respectively)
  • Nick Swisher – Most Followers (1.48 Million Followers)
  • C.J. Wilson – Individual Player All Star Tweeter (12,917 Tweets)
  • Giants – Team All Star Tweeter (18,000 Tweets)

Source:  Banyan Branch

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