US Federal Budget Focuses on Military Expenditures [Infographic]

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April 3, 2012 


There are many pros and cons to having the US Military lead operations around the world.  We can all imagine that in tough economic times, it is increasingly more difficult to justify and to get approval for military spending.

If you were wondering on the breakdown on the US Federal Budget, here is a descriptive infographic, courtesy of highlighting their analysis of the overall budget and military expenses in the US.

US Military Spending Key points:

  • Total US Outlays (Federal Funds):  $2.65 Trillion
  • Military spending:  $1.45 Trillion (54% of the budget)
  • Non-Military spending: $1.20 Trillion (46% of the budget)
  • US Military Spending accounts for a whopping 43% of the total global military spending
  • Dept. of Defense spends 99.98% of budget on military; spends 0.02% on peace initiatives

Military Spending Infographic

Infographic,  information, analysis courtesy of thecongressmansdinner

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