US Tax System – What are They Doing with Your Money? [infographic]

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April 2, 2012 

Tax deadlines are close approaching, and as you are preparing to send in your hard earning money to pay your taxes, here is a brilliantly crafted infographic, courtesy of H&R Block, on income tax system statistics.

Some highlights of the tax system:

  • 35% – Average income tax rate in the US (20% higher than Hong Kong’s rate)
  • 26.3%  of every tax dollar is spent on the military, 24.3% on health care, & 21.9% on education
  • 7.4% of every tax dollar is spent on debt interest ($472 Billion in 2013 alone)
  • Average refund expected to be over $2,900 (meaning an average of $2,900 was over-paid)

In these economic harsh times and with debt accumulated from economic action plan spending, debt interest portions are sure to increase.  A balance should be struck to ensure future generations are not enslaved to pay the interest and deprive citizens of much needed social services.  Imagine what $472 Billion could pay for in 2013 instead of debt payments.  How much will this impact you?

tax system


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