Oil Prices & Impacts on the US Economy and YOU [Infographic]

Strategy Plan One

April 1, 2012 

The price of crude oil, and consequently the price of everything, is rapidly increasing.  This infographic, courtesy of fuelfreedom.org highlights the impacts of oil prices.

Some fact and impacts of oil prices:

  • 10 out of the last 11 recessions occurred after an increase spike in oil prices
  • $330 Billion – US net outflow for foreign oil
  • Economists projecting 2012 to have the highest gas prices in history
  • Estimation of up to $200 per barrel of oil if Iran relationship worsens
  • Highest impacts would occur to lower – middle income earning families

Time for increased emphasis on alternative energy sources and technologies?  You bet.  Tough economic times an challenges such as these open the doors further to business opportunities around alternatives and green clean energy.


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2 thoughts on “Oil Prices & Impacts on the US Economy and YOU [Infographic]

  1. I’ve been trying to tell everyone, there is no shortage on oil. Right here in the USA. We have more oil reserves than we will ever use. Period. Check out the oil we have in Alaska, North and South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming just to mention a few.

    It is all brought on by nothing but GREED. Not just the oil companys, but more so by the oil investers and speculators. We need to get them out of the oil business.

    If you doubt what I’m saying, check what Lindsey Williams has to say about what is really happening. If you don’t know who he is, read a few of his book. Lindsey is an old time Southern Baptist minister He was the minster up there on the North Slope of Alaska.

    I could go on and on about this subject, but you’ve probably heard it already. So all I’ve got to say is, vote them all out of congress and the senate. Let’s start with a new and fresh aproach to these great United States of America.

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