Struggling with Tax Prep & Filing – More Tax Return Tips

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March 21, 2012 

Tax return tips Tax Return Tips – IRS Website

The April 17 tax filing deadline is fast approaching and If you are still in need of assistance to help complete you tax forms and return, check out the help features on the IRS website ( ).


The home page is easy to navigate with links to forms, news, hot topics, helpful hints and other features.  Help and search buttons are in the upper right corner of the page.


Tax Return Tips – YouTube Videos

The IRS has made it easy for you by providing some tax tips and assistance through YouTube at .  The IRS has a YouTube channel which currently has 116 videos uploaded to the channel.  The channel has received over 3 million  views.


Tax Return Tips – Social Media

To stay up to date with the latest IRS updates, news and messaging, you can follow and sign up for other forms of social media on their website.  Follow the IRS on Twitter, sign up and configure to receive RSS news feeds and Podcasts.  Check out Social Media buttons in the lower right hand section of the IRS Home page.   Also located on their page are widgets and mobile apps to assist you with information for your tax prep and filing.


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