Successful Recruitment Options to Acquire Professionals

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March 19, 2012 


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In today’s competitive, global marketplace it has become increasingly difficult to find the best people for your business.


In competitive growth industries employees have the advantage with many options for employment and self-employment.  Entrepreneurs need to stay on top with solid human resource hiring policies, procedures and practices.


Similar to any other project, as an entrepreneur or human resource specialist you need to identify your human resource issues through analysis of the current environment.  You will need to establish goals, develop methods to acquire professionals and a budget, and implement human resources procedures through strong project management.  One of the key parts of your strategy is finding the right source or recruitment method to acquire talented professionals.


Here are some sources, methods and helpful tips to help you find and secure professionals for your business


recruitment methodRecruitment Methods – Social Media

Bubbling to the surface in the modern era is Social Recruiting through social media as a method to get the message out on employment opportunities.  With almost 1 Billion Facebook users, over 300 Million Twitter users, millions connected in LinkedIn, etc, it is applicable to send out these opportunities on business pages within each social media platform.  Targeted ads on social media sites work too.  Most social media methods are free to use or at relatively low, controlled cost if advertising.


Recruitment Methods – Word of Mouth

If you are in a busy, social networking environment, you may have the ability to promote opportunities across your network.  You have most likely gained trust in your network contacts, and those contacts could vouch for professionals they suggest.  This would accomplish at least one level of reference checks for you.


Recruitment Methods – Intranet or Internal Posting in the Workplace

If you organization is large enough, Intranet (internal web network) or internal postings through email broadcasts may work to your advantage.   This may result in individuals moving across units or sections, but would be a method to provide developmental opportunities for staff.  Internal development helps retain staff and to build capacity within the organization.


Recruitment Methods – External Posting and Advertising

Many large job placement companies exist on the internet such as Monster, etc.  With millions of daily users across these platforms, an external ad will catch the attention of an astute professional that seeks opportunities through a variety of platforms.


Recruitment Methods – Traditional Methods of Advertising Jobs

Traditional forms of advertising fall under this category, such as posting in newspapers, periodicals, and magazines.   Recruitment firms are still a good option if you want to outsource your human resource recruitment processes.


Obviously you will need to review any option with caution, to ensure you achieve maximum benefits through your human resource recruitment method and budget.


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2 thoughts on “Successful Recruitment Options to Acquire Professionals

  1. Just a couple of words to what has worked very well with our business is word of mouth referrals for employees. The last several years we have made connections with other medical practices and schools and getting those word of mouth referrals when we have been looking for good employees has paid off. Connect, connect, connect as you never know when those connections will lead you to a great employee.

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