Age Statistics and Breakdown on Social Media Sites (Infographic)

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March 17, 2012 

Social Media Statistics

Different social media sites are used by different age groups for differing purposes.  Whether you use social media sites for business or other social means, you may find after reviewing stats and infographics such as this, you may want to alter or focus attention on sites that cater to certain age groups.

Courtesy of and data from Google Ad Planner, here is an interesting age distribution breakdown of users on different social media sites.

Social Media Statistics – Infographic

Age Distribution Across Social Networking Sites


From the above graphic, you can see that younger users dominate sites such as Bebo and MySpace and Xanga.  The more mature age groups, possible more engaged in using social media for career or business purposes, are the majority users on Twitter, Digg, Delicious, LinkedIn, and Classmates.

Targeting and the messaging around your products and services, or for other social means, is critically important.  Knowing statistics around age demographics on social media sites will help shape your marketing strategy and assist you to get the right message to the right target market.


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