Video Game Statistics and Industry Outlook for 2012

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March 10, 2012 

video game statisticsVideo Game Statistics Stand out in the Challenged Economy

With the recent challenges in the economy over the past few years, the video game industry continues to boom with staggering video game statistics and data… huge numbers.  Many articles and marketing research firms are predicting favorable statistics for the video game industry for 2012, with one Chicago Tribune article stating the global industry to hit $64 Billion this year.  Entrepreneurs, video game developers and tech firms out there should pay close attention to these important trends and opportunities in this industry.

Video Game Statistics – Mobile Gaming Market

The mobile gaming market is one experiencing exponential growth.  Leading the pack, the new iPad is about to be launched along new Android and other platforms.  ABI Research has estimated that 2.1 Billion mobile devices are expected to use HTML5 browsers by 2016.   One blog, imediaconnection, cites that the marketing research firm M2 Research is predicting that the mobile gaming market will blow past the $6 Billion mark in 2012.  Plenty of opportunity for those developing apps for the mobile market.   However, big players such as Zynga has to develop new strategies to keep its estimated 250 million users interested in its gaming platform.

video game statisticsVideo Game Statistics – iPad Gaming Market

iPad is closing in fast on consoles with an estimated 55 Million units sold, compared with 62 Million PS3 and 65 Million XBox consoles out there in the hands of gaming consumers.    Apple is stating that its future gaming will offer faster and sharper video games, making them more attractive than console games.   Plenty of opportunities for those Apple iPad app and game developers.

Not with out its challenges, the video game industry, especially the console gaming industry has its issues with attempting to keep its paid subscribers and competing the mobile gaming market, which is obviously exploding.  Keep watching the interesting video game statistics trends over the next few months.

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