Time to Give Back as a Successful Entrepreneur

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March 4, 2012

Achieving SuccessAchieving Success

Achieving success as an entrepreneur can be interpreted a number of ways at a number of different levels.  No matter how you slice it, you most likely achieved success through your own efforts AND from the people, contacts and professionals that helped you get there.  At some point you should be willing to continue that good-will cycle and help other budding entrepreneurs.  Do your part to help the business environment thrive.

What You Received Along Your Way to Achieving Success

On your pathway to success you were educated and gained experience in operations and management.  Through mutually beneficial arrangements you gained most of your valuable on the ground experience from some employers who took the time to help you build capacities.  Not only did the employers enjoy the fruits of your labor but you also used this to your advantage, to be later applied to your ventures.

Early on in your entrepreneurial endeavors you may most likely had the benefit of being coached and mentored by a successful business person.  That successful entrepreneur was a willing participant to assist you in your own business pathway.  You probably noted that person was also benefiting, with sharpening his or her leadership skills or observing your business dynamics.

Your family and friends were most likely very supportive as you dedicated much time, money and resources to achieving your goals.  Many were patient, and many were willing to assist you to achieve those goals, lending moral and sometimes financial support.

What You Can Give Back as a Successful Entrepreneur

Looking at your pattern and pathway to successful entrepreneurship, you may be able to give back in the same manner to those who are building capacity to be a successful entrepreneur.  Here are some of the constructive things you could do to give back to the business community:

  • Volunteering to business organizations
  • Hosting workshops and presenting successful methods
  • Blogging on business topics
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Assisting youth entrepreneurship groups
  • Taking an employee under your wings, under your guidance
  • Donating money and other resources if you don`t have the time
  • Encouraging and empowering your business teams to contribute to the same entrepreneur causes
  • Creating a network of professionals across multiple industries that help build capacities
  • Advocating for change and capacity initiatives to the local and Federal governments

If you had the benefit of achieving success and you know others assisted you on your pathway to achieving success, you should consider giving back.  This continuous cycle of good-will is essential in helping the current and future business generations thrive, and strive for success.

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