As a Voting Entrepreneur, Help Change the Business Environment!

Strategy Plan One

February 19, 2012 best way you can assist in developing a favourable business climate would be to vote in parties and politicians who are promoting positive, constructive environments.  Take a look at each candidate’s business and economic agendas and platforms.  How do these potential initiatives work for the entrepreneurs that must live and operate in this environment?  What has been indicated in each platform, such as cut backs, program elimination, business incentives, or tax implications?


Each of the parties and politicians will raise and promote their own political agendas with embedded economic and business sections.  Each party will seem to be raising platforms which look reverse to the opposing candidate, calling out the other’s points, while promoting their own.  It can be quite confusing.  Take a good look at each platform and decide what is in your best interest as an entrepreneur, and for the whole economy.


Some key policies and platform initiatives you may want to analyze:


– Job growth, spending and initiatives

– Business and economic regulations, legislation, red tape

– Corporate and personal taxation reductions, new policies and its implication on business

– Debt reduction and its implications on other program spending

– The impacts on other programs, such as healthcare, on the economic initiatives

– Trade policies

– Natural resources economic and business policies and initiatives

– Programs and spending on innovation and technology

– The end of economic stimulus packages and the way forward


How does each platform affect you, your business community, your business industry and the economy in general?  You will need to decide as a voter what will make sense and benefit you as an entrepreneur, and depending on which platform is voted in, you will need to determine your path as an entrepreneur.  You can help to successfully change the business climate.


Strategy Plan One

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