Business Mentors Can Help You Become a Successful Entrepreneur

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February 11, 2012 an entrepreneur you cannot overlook the importance of business mentors.  Engaging with successful business professionals can only strengthen your business and management skill set.  Many examples exist of business mentors who train and transfer their skill sets over to willing and open participants.  Ensure you find a mentor that is willing and that the relationship is two-way, with both participants gaining from the valued relationship.

Here are some benefits of a business mentoring relationship:

Mentoring from Experience

A mentor can show you the pathway to success, and warn you in advance of the hurdles and barriers you may encounter as an entrepreneur.  This could be the difference between thriving and surviving.  Mentors can describe some of the pitfalls and mistakes in business, so that you don’t make them.  Make sure you are open to listening and learning everything you can from the mentor.

Developing a Partnership

Depending on who you align with in your mentoring relationship, this could blossom into a real business partnership or alliance.  Not only does the mentoring help you now, but this could result in added benefits for you beyond the mentoring relationship time frame.  Strategically choose you mentors for partnership building.

Access to Markets

Experienced mentors may show you the way to new markets that you may have not planned for.  Mentors have learned from experience in markets, so tune into this.  You are opening many doors with access to a mentor.  Ensure you learn everything you can from your mentor on market and marketing opportunities.

Networking – Access to Further Resources

Mentors know other professionals and have network linkages potentially farther than your own.  Tap into your mentor’s network of professionals.  This may link you in to a professional in a more specialized area, such as a marketing – branding specialist, or a consultant that specialized in strategic global markets, etc.

Learning from a Leader

It is very important for you to follow in the footsteps of a great, successful business person.  Your mentor is demonstrating great leadership by training, mentoring, encouraging and empowering you to be more successful.  You are not only learning about best business practices in the mentoring relationship, but you are also learning leadership skills and strategies.  Observe key leadership competencies of your mentor, and be prepared to insert those leadership traits into your own skill set as a leader.

You as a Mentor

Down the business road, one day you will be called upon to be a mentor and share what you have learned.  Remember this is part of the mentoring cycle, and your commitment to assist someone else, as your mentor had done the same for you.  New entrepreneurs are eager to learn and to be successful; do what you can to support this in the future.  This also provides the opportunity for you as a leader and mentor, to sharpen your leadership skill set.

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One thought on “Business Mentors Can Help You Become a Successful Entrepreneur

  1. Great advice! I’m a PR grad student and I look to people in the industry for advice and guidance as I find my way. Hopefully I can help someone as well down the road! 🙂

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