Lists of Lists – Organize and Prioritize your Action Items

Strategy Plan One

February 10, 2012

Many of us encounter massive piles of work to do and very little time to do it.  We are always looking for strategic ways to get organized, to clear the clutter, and to set priorities.

You will notice that in the majority of articles and blogs that paragraphs and points are itemized, numbered, and bulleted.  It is a natural and effective way of gathering and organizing volumes of information for the audience.

Whenever you are overwhelmed with volume and your inbox is stacked a mile high, take a step back and make a list or make a plan.  Review this list, organize it and prioritize items.  Each action items can be then checked off when they are completed, as you can keep track of the “to-do” items.

You could memorize your items, but with limited memory capacity, you can’t rely on it for complex lists.  In business, modern management tools, such as utilizing spreadsheets and Gantt charts, etc, can be useful project management methods.  These methods can work effectively and efficiently, but only if you continuously use them and follow through with action items.

Prioritizing action items can be done differently, such as prioritizing by:

–          time frames and deadlines

–          client action item vs. internal operational item

–          revenue generating vs. non-revenue generating activity

–          impacts with or without actions

–          short-term vs. long-term objectives

–          adhering to legal requirements and regulations vs. generate operating procedure

You need to decide which method works effectively for you, and what is of value to you and your organization when you set priorities.


To end this article, here is an action item list for you:

–          review this article again

–          consider using lists, spreadsheets and Gantt charts as organizational and management tools

–          have a goal and purpose to using the list

–          use your method consistently

–          measure the effectiveness of your organizing tool

–          reward yourself with listing your completed or achievements on your list

–          share this with the unorganized as an organized method

What’s on your list?

Strategy Plan One

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