Super Bowl Infographic – Big Business and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Strategy Plan One

February 5, 2012 

NRF Infographic 2012 Super Bowl

You may have noticed the traffic around the internet on how much business is generated around Super Bowl, one of the biggest sporting events on the planet.

Not only does the event itself make massive amounts of money from TV and advertising, but bars, pubs, restaurants and retail outlets see their sales soar, in some cases up 200%.

The National Retail Federation ( is estimating that around the US, Super Bowl Sunday will generate  $11 Billion spent in food services and retail.  NRF further estimates a whopping $1.02 Billion will be spent on snacks alone .  Host city Indianapolis, will benefit by around $150 Million is spending directly in their community.

If you are an entrepreneur, hopefully you will take notes on opportunities around sporting events such as this one.

Businesses and industries are built around these events.  Be careful to draw the line between ancillary businesses and ones that use the Super Bowl brand; the latter requires permission and agreements on use of trademarks.

Enjoy the stats and data in this infographic, courtesy of

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