Business Opportunities in the Education Field

Strategy Plan One

January 30, 2012 

To facilitate some discussion and thoughts on business opportunities, here are some potential business opportunities in the educational field for your entrepreneurial considerations:


The Education Field

In any field and any business sector, educated, qualified, certified people are needed.  Whether it’s to improve operations or management, people and organizations need to continuously undertake capacity building.  Continuous learning is a part of society and natural business functions; it will always be viewed as an essential need.  As an entrepreneur in the educational field, you may want to concentrate your efforts in providing educational services in niche areas such as technology, innovative product development, business management and personal development.


Establishing Schools and Online Learning Platforms

A first consideration for entrepreneurs may be to establish a learning school or facility, or online business.  The prospects are good if you do your research in your field, markets, and area of specialization.  When it comes to industry areas where certifications, degrees, and diplomas are needed, your local area or jurisdiction may require you and your business to become accredited.  Accreditation may take awhile, so it is advisable to do your research and be prepared.  Once accredited, doors open to government programming and additional resources, along with access to new markets and learning customers.


If you are astute with web design or have access to people who can do this, and some resources, you can take your opportunity online.  This could be a significant opportunity as a web-based platform for learning. Web based, you have access to a global market of learners (no physical location required).


Contracting and Procurement

Procurement of educational products and services is another lucrative angle for entrepreneurs.  If you know and can navigate through government procurement processes, an entrepreneur could land a lucrative contract to provide a client base, or government base with courses, personal development tools, and educational products.  Businesses and organizations are buying into the “continuous learning environment” as development strategies.  Doors are open to provide the platform and tools for continuous learning.  Put your educational thinking cap on for this opportunity.


Partner or contract yourself out to other larger educational institutions.  Rather than be an employee, you can shop around and enter into contracts with several post-secondary institutions.  Run it as a business, schedule you contracts and bill out as a legal entity.  Be prepared to offer your services during regular work days, evenings and weekends.



This is always an area of consideration for the veteran employee or manager.   With years or experience behind your name, you can make a potential killing in consulting.  You must also have good connections, good partnership building and negotiation skills.  One of the most important skill is the ability to deal with people as you will need to be influential, selling yourself, your firm, and your services.


Entrepreneurs and small businesses occasionally need the assistance of a consultant for ongoing business mentoring, coaching and skill development.  These forms of business advisory support constitute great higher-level educational / learning business opportunities for a consultant-entrepreneur.


With any and all business opportunities, it is advisable to do your research, and seek as many professional sources, mentors and colleagues to help you build your business plan and business opportunity.

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