Detailed Steps for a Strategy Plan

Strategy Plan One

January 19, 2012

The Detailed Strategic Planning Process

A strategic plan can be a part of a business plan or a stand alone document to formulate a strategy for implementation.  In developing a Strategic Plan, our team recently undertook the steps and approach below with one of our clients.  The following may be helpful in planning out a process for development and implementation of your strategy:

  • Assessment of market and regulatory trends, globally and locally
  • Identification of key success factors in modern businesses (this industry and other industries)
  • Review of current sector physical assets and human resources
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis  of the competitive environment facing the business
  • Assessment of each product and/or service line , including:

Supply and demand,




Best Fit (alignment with the business’ values, ethics and goals)

  • Identification of goals and objectives for future industry participation
  • Constructive development of strategies (including options)
  • Development of priorities
  • Resource identification and requirements to achieve goals and objectives
  • Development of budgets and financial risk management
  • Implementation
  • Reviewing & measuring results, and revising as necessary

As highlighted in the steps, you will note the phases of the process, including review, analysis, development, implementation, measuring results, and revision of planning.

Strategy Plan One

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