6 Key Areas of Interest for Entrepreneurs in 2012

Strategy Plan One

January 18, 2012

Here are some of top business trends picks for entrepreneurial considerations:

1.         Consulting specializing in Business Improvement and Efficiency

As long as you can demonstrate operational savings that exceed your billing, you are in!  With declining revenue sources and increased global competition, a business needs to keep up with change.  Insert in a consultant who can review current status of operations and recommend significant change, with reduction of costs, increasing efficiency, identifying redundancies.

2.         HR Firms – specializing in job placement.

Globally and nationally we are all experiencing higher than normal unemployment rates.  As the economy improves slightly (and it will), opportunities will arise.  Business opportunities such as placement firms are a potentially excellent opportunity.  There may be additional opportunity in acquiring contracts to handle HR placements for local and federal government agencies.

3.         Hi – tech green energy industry

There is no end to escalating oil prices and everything associated around this energy source.  Countries and companies are scrambling to diversify energy sources.

4.         Negotiators  

With significant developments in the resource sector and in internal trade, a skilled negotiator would be fitting.  Astute negotiation skills are required in partnership building processes.  If you are skilled or will gain skills in this area, big business wants you.  The bigger the deals you can successfully negotiate, the better your compensation package.

5.          Data miners

Businesses continue to express serious strategic interest in defined customer details and buying behaviour.  Programmers and technicians are needed who can tap into the right information to convert a high percentage of lead information into sales and revenues.

6.         Outsourcing Specialists

Governments are always finding ways to outsource and contract out rather than build up capacity internally.  Plentiful opportunities exist within government procurement of goods & services.  If you know the government procurement system like the back of your hand, and you have unique products or services for Federal government, you may have an excellent opportunity here.  These opportunities may not be the best return on investment (ie: in some competitive scenarios you may be the low cost provider), but the benefits, such as volume of business and duration of contracts, may outweigh the cons.

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