Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur

Strategy Plan One

January 15, 2012
Here are a few characteristics of successful entrepreneurs:

Self Starter

–         a motivated individual that needs very little direction to proceed

–         highly competent and confident to always take the first step and to take on risk

–         highly responsible for own actions, essential to anyone who takes the initiative to start their own business.


–         ability to navigate through all challenges and issues with ease

–         ability to stay the course until the very end

–         a strong will and strong mind to see things through

Ability to Manage Risk

–         ability to foresee the elements of risk

–         ability to analyze risk, and implement a plan to mitigate or reduce risk.


–         the ability to see the end goal or objective easily, and can strategize a pathway to achieve the goal

Ability to Adapt

–         ability to adjust and to learn to change

–         embraces a continuous learning environment

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