Entrepreneur – Relax and Recharge list

Strategy Plan One

January 13, 2012

Everyone needs a break, especially after a long week of over-extending yourself as entrepreneur.  Here are some ideas to just kick back, relax and recharge in your own down time, away from business activities:

– outside activities

– exercise

– family activities

– reading, writing, poetry, arts & crafts

– photography, video

– organize and host a party

– decorate & renovate your home

– see a movie, play, production

– volunteer your time for a good cause

– go shopping, spend your money

– make food creations, cook, have dinner parties

– donate

– join or lead a recreational group

– mentor a youth

– get involved in community service

– set a personal (non-business) goal and achieve it

– join a tournament

– recycle

– be a collector

– find a hobby

– grow a garden

– spend more time with family and friends

– jump, run and enjoy life

Strategy Plan One

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