Business Plan Format and Tips

Strategy Plan One

January 12, 2012
Business Plans, like Résumé’s can be developed through a variety of formats, but business plan content usually contain similar information.  A business plan can consist of a body of descriptive work and many financial spreadsheets. The descriptive template is the body of the business plan, with many questions in the main sections of the business plan.

A well-developed business plan may include (but not limited to):

–          Executive summary

–          Project description

–          Business description

–          Proprietor / ownership details

–          Industry background information

–          Business trends, marketing, market information

–          Operational description

–          Products, services and sales description

–          Management and human resources

–          Competition factors

–          Risk management

–          Financials and financial analysis

–          Appendices

Business plans should be developed through research, independent outside advice or consultations, and from your own input.  Planning assists you to think about the complete business thoroughly, forces you to do research when you need more information or seek clarity, and to critically analyze your ideas and strategies.  Business plan development is time-consuming, but worth while.

Business plans should be user-friendly and should be used a guideline for your business.   It should have a definite time frame attached to it as industry and market conditions change.  Business plans can and should be revised often.

If you seek additional grants or funding assistance for your business, a business plan should be presented to individuals who would assess it and make a funding decision based on its content and merit.  A business plan should capture the attention of the reader with bold, factual information that is easy to read in brief, but descriptive format

Strategy Plan One

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