Business Tips for Customer Survey Design

January 11, 2012

Helpful Information on Surveys

To assist you in gaining valuable, relevant information from your customers, clients and / or participants and to reduce the errors in your survey, here are some helpful tips on surveys:

1.     Define goals and objectives of the survey

2.     Define information you want from your clients

3.     Design questions to acquire the information you need

4.     Develop the delivery model for the survey

5.     Develop the package for the survey

6.     Choose a random sample of clients / customers

7.     Use a large sample size rather than a smaller size

8.     Use incentives to increase responses from participants

9.     Tabulate all responses

10.            Measure and analyze responses

11.            Implement actions from information received

12.            Make note of errors in your survey methods

13.            Revise survey methods

14.            Develop next survey using same procedures as above

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